Digging Further

These caves have existed for centuries, but what could happen to them in the future? Archaeologists are still investigating the fascinating maze of tunnels to see where they may lead and to discover the secrets they hold of their hidden past.

The area which now makes up Nottingham city centre was once known as Tiggua Cobaucc which means ‘Place of Caves’. The first known reference to Tiggua Cobaucc appears in The Life of King Alfred by the famous Welsh monk Asser, the Bishop of Sherborne, who visited this area around 900AD.

People in Nottingham have been living in caves like these since at least the 17th century. These caves and others locally were inhabited until 1845 when the St Mary’s Enclosure Act was passed which banned the renting of cellars and caves as homes for the poor.

We still don’t know all the answers. Whatever the truth may be, there is no doubt that the City of Caves is a truly unique site.